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Personal information is only collected when customers order the book. At the present, our shopping cart is operated by Atlas and Bookmasters, Inc. When customers order the book, customers link to their Web site. On our behalf, collects you name, contact/shipping and payment information. That information is used to facilitate shipping of your book. The only time cookies are used in our shopping cart is to remember products that were placed within the shopping cart. Once they are ordered or deleted from the shopping cart, they no longer exist.

All the data and credit card information is stored on a password protected secure server. This information is kept for 90 days, in case we have to research an order placed through the bookstore, it is then purged from the system.

Please remember, there is no such thing as “perfect” or “foolproof” security. If you are concerned about the security of Internet data, you have the option of ordering over the phone: 1 (800) 247-6553.

The names, contact and shipping information will be in the control of Privacy Times. Privacy Times does not sell its customer names to any outside party. Customers are welcome to obtain a copy of the name, contact/shipping and payment information, correct or otherwise change information so it is accurate, relevant and updated, or request that we delete it. In the highly unlikely event of a subpoena or other legal process to obtain a customer name, Privacy Times will make reasonable efforts to notify the customer before releasing any information, unless prohibited by court or competent authority.

It is possible that Privacy Times will send follow up information to customers about closely related products designed to help them understand credit scoring and credit reporting or otherwise protect their privacy. One such example would be notification of the release of subsequent Editions of the book. We will also make reasonable efforts to notify you of significant changes in our privacy policy and would appreciate it if you would provide us with your email address so as to reduce our costs.

Again, no email addresses of other personal information will be sold to third parties. Privacy Times is dedicated to the protection of privacy, especially yours.


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