Since 1981, Evan Hendricks has been Editor/Publisher and founder of Privacy Times, a newsletter based in the Washington, D.C. area. Through the newsletter alone, he has published nearly 3,000 pages covering a wide range of privacy and information law subjects, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Mr. Hendricks regularly testifies before Congress, with four appearances in 2003. He is a regular presenter at Federal Trade Commission workshops. He has been qualified by federal and state courts as an expert witness in FCRA and identity theft cases. Mr. Hendricks has served as a consultant on privacy issues to federal and state governmental organizations, and businesses. He has been a featured American presenter at International Conferences in Paris, France, Venice, Italy, Cardiff Wales, London, England and Ottawa, Ontario. He is regularly quoted in the mainstream media and trade press.

Mr. Hendricks has a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College, Columbia University. He attended there after transferring from University of Oregon.


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